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So you think you know how to work safely on a forecourt?

Can you be confident that all your staff are aware of flashpoints, interceptor systems, site emergency procedures and understand the role of an Environmental Health/Petroleum Officer?

Could they answer the following:

Q:What do you do if there's a fuel leak?

Q:What's the first steps to take if there's a fire on the forecourt?

Q:If someone rushed into the shop claiming they had accidentally swallowed or got petrol in their eyes would you know what to do?

Q:Can you leave the tanker driver during a delivery?

You may know the answer to some or all of these questions but what your staff might think to be a harmless oversight could in fact be breaking the law and leaving your company liable for heavy penalties.

The 4Court interactive series has been specifically developed to provide your staff with the answers and to give them a heads up on safe working procedures for the forecourt.

To get more information on keeping your business Legal and the people who work in it Safe please contact us click here.

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