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4Court Interactive Learning
Using the 4Court interactive learning courses will provide all your staff with access to training on demand 24/7 helping to keep your forecourt safe and legal. 
Food Safety & Hygiene 
FSA's "Safer Food - Better BusinessGirl stocktaking"
In 2007 UK Food Standards were revised and HACCP embedded to improve food safety & hygiene to meet customers demands for safer food.This 4Court interactive course can help you comply with the law that now requires "all food handlers to receive instruction / supervision and or training in food hygiene matters".
Forecourt Basic SafetyMan filling bottle 
This 4Court interactive course has been developed to train all staff working on the forecourt with the basic knowledge required to carry out their duties in a safe and informed manner. A Forecourt Safety handbook which can be used as a stand alone training aid or in conjunction with the course can also be supplied.
Competent Tank arrival/Authorised Person  
This training course will provide your staff with the knowledge to safely receive both Assisted (LCD) & Unassisted Deliveries (DCD) of fuel to your site.
The course covers Vapour Recovery, the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) and the change to an Approved Code of Practice (ACOP).
It also provides information on identifying potential hazards that can occur during the delivery procedure and how to control them through safe working practices.
Versions for both UK and ROI regulations are available.
If you require further information or a presentation of any 4Court courses please contact us.
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Food Safety & Hygiene
Forecourt Basic Safety
Competent/Authorised Person
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Valeting-Car Wash 
LPG/Autogas deliveries  

Tank arrival
4Court Training Courses
Forecourt Working Safely, Competent Persons - Assisted/Unassisted deliveries, LPG/Autogas deliveries, Food Safety, Valeting, Sale of Alcohol, Age Related Sales, PC Training.