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If you need to train your staff on the important part they have to play in keeping the forecourt safe for themselves, colleagues and customers, then we believe we can help you.

No matter where you are on the training cycle and no matter what your training methodology - our interactive system - SMILES - can complement your own training.

Swan Multimedia Interactive Learning Solution - SMILES - allows you to tailor training using a combination of personal activity workbooks, interactive questions and ultimately interactive courses, which can be delivered via CDROM, on your Back Office System, or accessed online.


This complete forecourt training system will track and record your employees responses, provide an auditable trail and it will identify employees in compliance with current legislation and highlight those that need either refresher training or more training.

NOW you can pick and mix and tailor these materials to YOUR own needs or even just use those parts of our extensive forecourt related training to support and enhance your own training. We can tailor and personalise this learning system for your company and help you with recording, delivering, assessing and monitoring your training.